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Nadi Astrology’s Distinctiveness

Nadi Astrology Online! This has been Guruji’s special strength since the time he began to venture. Have you ever thought to you the fact that your fate could have been recorded for centuries prior to the time you were born? This is the speciality of Nadi Astrology. In Vedic astrology it is believed that the positions of planets during the moment of birth are considered in determining. In Nadi Astrology however, we depend on the Nadi leaves that determine the person who is seeking. The leaf is seeking the person, not the other way around. When the right time comes and the seeker arrives at the correct Nadi reader, and the leaf is revealed to the person in search at the appropriate moment.

Online Nadi astrology

What are the reasons we confront difficulties in our lives?

Hindu dharma asserts that no one can escape the perpetual cycle of death and life until their karma is totally erased. The complete accumulation or elimination of karma throughout one’s life is not possible. It is carried with them throughout the years. Souls suffer through the various births and deaths and is seeking release. If not, the soul seeks alternative method, the cycle becomes brutal and makes the soul very unhappy. The result is tension and stress throughout our lives. The end result is that this strain causes disease (dis-ease) and death due to illness and suffering.

Nadi leaves your life’s plan

Everyone is unhappy when they can’t find solutions to the issues encountered by their families and members. They look to religious beliefs (gods or goddesses) to solve their issues. This is a cumbersome and unorthodox method to find a solution, as the gods and goddesses of religion are not readily accessible to the average person. Sages from in the past were aware of this dilemma and wrote down cryptic notes that will assist us in eliminating our karma , and free ourselves in the harsh cycle of death and life. These are known as Nadi leaves and the process that is involved is commonly referred to as Nadi Astrology.

Vedic Astrology & Nadi Astrology

If we conduct a thorough investigation to discover the differences in Vedic Astrology and Nadi the astrology field, predictions made using arithmetical calculations by humans are Vedic astrology, and forecasting done by Maharishis with their spiritual powers as written in Palm leaves, is Nadi astrology. Arithmetical predictions made by common people could result in failure in the majority of instances. The reason is that people generally do not know how to track the time of birth of a child with accuracy. It is because they’re nervous and anxious during the time. It is also difficult since the time at which the child’s head emerges into the mom’s body indicates the precise birth time for the child in question to astrology. This mistake leads to incorrect calculation of the birth ascendant and planetary positions, which result in an utterly incorrect prediction. The result is a disappointment for the native.

Nadi Astrology Types

There are various varieties of Nadi Astrology, including:

  • Kausika Nadi
  • Agasthiya Nadi
  • Bhrigu Nandi Nadi
  • Siva Nadi
  • Sivasuksuma Nadi
  • Thulliya Nadi

Our Guruji, Mr. Sakthi Vinoth follows Maharishi Thulliya Nadi astrology. It is a precise and thorough method of Nadi Astrology.

Nadi Astrology to remove your bad karma

The blame falls on our families and gods for our fate , and we accept that nothing is going to be changed. It’s not so. God creates a person because of their karma accumulation from their births in the past. The karma that they have accumulated must be wiped out so that we can be happy and content in our current lives. Nadi Astrology offers a simple and reliable solution as explained through those who are Maharishis(the greatest saints) who walked through this world and left behind traces of their wisdom to us. They are recorded in the form of sutras(cryptic poems) that are read by nadi astrologers. Nadi astrology does not just reveal to your name, parents’ names, your marriages, children , but will also reveal the correct solutions that, if done correctly will erase your bad negative karma and boost your overall health.

Online Nadi Astrology predictions.

We’d like to introduce the most ancient type of astrology in India online. Nadi Astrology predictions by vaitheeswaran kovil are famous due to their accuracy as well as their long-standing heritage. Mahashivan Nadi Astrology is the fourth generation Nadi Astrology Center from vaitheeswaran kovil.

Nadi Astrology is an ancient method of prediction and practice for over three thousand years. Mahashivan Nadi online predictions for astrology are the pioneers and the leading Nadi Astrology in vaitheeswaranKovil. AgasthiyaNadi Astrology is now available accessible online. We have started consulting on the internet for Nadi Jyotish predictions from January 2021. Mahashivan Nadi Astrology from vaitheeswaran Kovil is the top online Nadi Astrology center in vaitheeswaran the kovil . Mahashivan Nadi as the online reading as well as online Nadi prediction of astrology. This can be a life-changing and accurate experience in the event of a pandemic.

Nadi helps you understand your present, past, and the future using the aid of Olaichuvadi. It is a Vedic science, also known by the name of Nadi Jyotish and is found in India. Nadi is one of the oldest science of predictions based on thumb impressions, and translating palm leaf secrets into a clear set of predictions. The most revered sage of the origins in Astrology The Sri Agathiyar also known as Agastya has predicted the future and created them with the help of palm leaves, also known as olaichuvadi. Agastya Nadi’s online predictions for astrology are available on Mahashivan Nadi astrology from vaitheeswaran Kovil.

Online Nadi Astrology readers.

Nadi Astrology is considered to be the first kind of predictions based on astrology and it requires a certain level of skills to understand the Nadi’s. There are a handful of readers in the world, Mahashivan Nadi astrology is the most ancient Nadi Astrology center in vaitheesawaran the city of kovil in India. Today, Mahasivan Nadi astrology is offering Nadi readings and consultations online. The readers of Mahasivan Nadi are in vaitheeswarn Kovil, who are able to translate Nadi, the old Tamil language written on Nadi leaves. Nadi has been written with a poetic style and readers translate it into a literary form. Nadi reading can be described as a secluded art that is passed through generations. Mahasivan Nadi Astrology from vaitheeswaran Kovil is the 4th Generation Nadi center for astrology. This art form of Nadi reading isn’t thought of or practiced by the general people.

We provide the following languages to our customers benefit.


  • Online Nadi Astrology in English
  • Online Nadi Predictions in English

2. Hindi

  • Online Nadi jyothish in Hindi
  • Nadi Predictions online in Hindi
  • Best Online Nadi Reading in Hindi

3. Telugu

  • Online  Nadi jyothish in Telugu
  • Nadi astrology online in Telugu
  • Best Online Nadi Astrology in Telugu.

4. Kanada

  • Online Nadi jyothish in Kanada
  • Online Nadi astrology in Kanada
  • Best Online Nadi Astrology and Nadi Reading in India.

5.  Malayalam

  • Online Best Nadi jothidam in India
  • Online Nadi reading in Malayalam
  • Best Online Nadi Astrology in Malayalam

6. Tamil

Online Predictions.

How do you start with online Nadi Astrology predictions by Agasthiyar Nadi?

We have the below alternatives in you Nadi Reading:

  • Google Meet.
  • Zoom Meeting
  • Skype Discussion
  • Goto Meeting

Online Nadi astrology process.

Step 1: Thumb impressions This aids in searching for the correct Olaichuvadi (Palm Leaves)

Step 2: Finding the source: Based on the impression that the palm leaves in question are procured for. The palm leaves, also known as Olai Chuvadi were composed by Great Gurus a few thousand years long ago!

Step 3: Text: Old Tamil script form of the poem is read, before being translated into readable prose. The poem is then recorded and sent to the customer.

Step 4: Consultation: Nadi Astrologer will give an in-depth consultation using the Olai Chuvadi, also known as palm leaves. Mahashivan Nadi is one of the top Nadi Astrology centers across the World.

Online Nadi Astrology | Nadi Jyotish Online| Nadi Prediction Online

Agasthiyar Nadi predictions for astrology are now available online! We are the top online Nadi Astrology center in India. We are now able to consult on the internet Online.

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