The Rishis from Ancient India Utilized their brains and discovered many art and sciences to ensure the health of the future generations of mankind.One of these sciences is Astrology. There are many branches of Astrology which include Horoscopy., i.e. reading and casting horoscopes that are based upon your Positionsof Planets during the date of the birth of an Person and the movement that occur with the Planets through the Zodiac. This is a well-developed science as demonstrated by the ancient manuscripts such as Brihatsamhita, JathakaPaarijatha etc. Numerology, Palmistry, as well as Nadi reading are other fields of study. Our family’s experiences already had and the feedback from our clients has led us aware that the predictions that are formulated by the palm leaves that we have preserved is ideally suited to the indigenous population of just 80 percent, which is also only for only 80 percent of all clients. The solutions that are prescribed in the holy script , including the temple rituals and poojas are the discretion of the people interested.


Nowadays, we hear about people who have Powers of Extra Sensory Predictions. It is believed that the Rishis revered sages who were absorbed in focusing on one god called paramatma. They far surpassed the powers that was available to ESP people. In addition, they were able to predict the future through their eyes.

In this regard, the Rishis such as Agasthiya, Kousika, Vasishta have made predictions for the human beings that reside in this earth. Take for instance any specific moment in the Day. Many live lives are born at that particular moment. living beings, human, and even animals. The Rishis have not considered the two previous ones and have confined their predictions to humans. This is not true for all humans. Predictions are only made for the presons that Rishis in their knowledge knew would be willing to investigate these predictions. The exact age at which each of them will attend this research has also been predicted by Rishis. These predictions were written on palm leaves. As with many other arts and sciences from the past, they were also written in Sanskrit. Later on, Tamil King gathered all these palm leaves, regardless of the subjects they dealt with them and kept the leaves in huge libraries. These leaves, which serve as the archives of the Wisdom of the ancient Rishis would otherwise be forgotten by us. The King of Tanjore is an ardent lover of Arts and Sciences, found the plam leaves in the library of his palace. They were also translated into old Tamil using the assistance of Pandits. The palm leaves that are kept by us are the ones were handed down to us by our grandparents. We haven’t stated in any way that they are the original palm leaves. It is believed that they were created by the Rishis, and acquired by us during the time of British rule during the auction.

Before sharing the forecasts, each individual is identified by providing the birth date and planetary positions in the year of his or birth, parents as well as the names of any close relatives, the position they hold in the present. marital status etc. Following this, the forecasts for an individual will be based on the day he began studying the Nadi to the day he died. It is not covered in the past i.e. what happened from the time of birth to the date of reading the leaf is not covered.This could be in order to avoid problems that could arise in human lives.

Nadi astrology is a kind of Hindu astrology that is practiced in and around Vaitheeswaran temple. It is also known as Vaitheeswaran Koil Nadi Astrology

To forecast our future using our own native language is the most crucial thing about palm leaf Astrology. The language used is Tamil it is known as Olai Chuvudi Jothidam in vaitheeswaran koil.


When a thumb impression taken by someone who speaks the language is passed to the reader in the library. The palm leaf bundles are classified and indexed within the library based on thumb impressions, which facilitate simple searching for the various bundles. Each thumb impression are usually 5-6 bundles. each one will have between 50 and 100 leaves. The leaf of a particular individual could be discovered in the first bundle , or within any bundle.
Another bundle of the other bundles among the. There are times when it cannot be discovered, since the information contained in the holy scriptures are only available to certain souls. Therefore the method of discovering this specific leaf is time-consuming and laborious taking. Since the reader must go through one sentence from the first leaf , and when it is confirmed by the native the reader will then read the second sentence to verify its authenticity. If the first statement does not be true, then the
Natives, the reader will have to look for leaf after leaf and and bundle after bundle to locate the single leaf on which all the information about the Native accurately appear. To speed up this process, the Native is required to offer his complete cooperation i.e. the native must pay attention to the passage and respond in a correct manner.

This leads to the trace of not just the leaf, but also the first Kaandam often referred to as General Kaandam that represents Native’s lagna.The General Kaandam also provides short predictions for the remaining 12 houses in the native’s birth chart. If in-depth predictions for the other houses are required and are needed, they can be found within the appropriate Kaandam included in the Annexure. To get the best results, you must follow the directions given by this
Holy scripts, such as the Rishis believe that the Native must be free of the negative effects of the previous birth mistakes. So, the rishis advocate and prescribes the execution of specific parihaaras (remedies). If these remedies are done in full participation in the process, the Rishi guarantees the fulfillment of the events he has predicted. These are found in two separate chapters referred to as Shanthi&Deeksha(No 13, 13 & 14).

The office has been in operation over the last 80 years, and it has provided services for three generations. Recently, i.e. in the last two years, numerous people have established Nadi Offices in Vaithiswarankoil. We do not have any comments on the growing popularity of this sacred profession. We would like to remind our clients of the fact that we don’t have branches anywhere in India. Numerous important people are frequent visitors to our office (some even more than once).They were awestruck when the predictions made by this office came true within their lives.


As we have explained in the previous article, we will be predicting future events according to the SukshmaNadi in the years prior to our father’s death i.e. about fifty years.The predictions begin by a dialogue that takes place between Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati and Goddess Parvati, who asks Lord Shiva to reveal the future predictions of her daughter or son, who has come forward to find out their future. Lord Shiva will then give the predictions.The Maha Siva SukshmaNadi is more comprehensive and accurate in predicting future events in comparison to Kousika and AgasthiyaNadis that our family has followed earlier or any other NadiJodhidam that are followed by other people from the southern region. This is the reason the cost of this SukshmaNadi is a bit more expensive. However, when we look at the vast amount we get from Nadi it is very low.

As in Astrology there are twelve Kaandams that deal with the 12 Bhavas or houses. There are other specific Kaandams which deal on ShanthiPariharam, DeekshaKaandam, VaidyaKandam, DasabhukthiKaandams, brief description of the subjects covered within every Kaandam are all included in the appendix. This could be a delight to the person who is referred to. In the following chapters, we’ve described in detail certain of the most important Kandams. But the primary Kaandam can be considered compulsory.It is believed as the index to the other Kaandams. All Kaandams and other special Kaandams can be optional.But other Kaandams cannot be independently examined without having read the first chapter.

Another significant aspect in the SukshmaNadi is that the actual prediction states when the client will visit us to get a consultation.Usually it is stated that the person wanting to find out his future will be in the period at a time when Saturn or Jupiter are in specific Rasis.Presently the Nadi leaves suggest that Guru (Planet Jupiter) is located in Cancer (Leo) while Sani (Planet Saturn) is located in Taurus (Gemini) Rasi.When Jupiter and Saturn move to the next Rasi the palm leaves will be placed in the Holy Cauvery. Cauvery in accordance with the directions of our personal Nadi,i.e. SanthanaNool.

It is important to keep in mind in this regard that, in contrast to Natal Astrology The predictions are made in Sukshma Nadi Astrology and only at the time the person receives the leaves up to the time of death and no previous predictions are given.The predictions made in the past are based on specific facts regarding the family members of the person. These are considered to be Sakshimore witnesses to prove that the leaves belong to the individual.
getting to know how he will be able to predict his future. This is the reason why we do not make any kind of advertisement for our centres in Vaithiswarankoil or Gurgaon.Whoever is coming to us on his on his own initiative, after hearing about us through acquaintances or family members. It is an amazing experience for some to listen to the forecasts in many instances by pointing out to whom they’ve come for advice and the name of the person. In one instance, a woman had been paired with a person with whom she had been living for a long time without having a formal wedding. This particular aspect, when it was forecasted in the leaf ,
She confirmed the report. The predictions, naturally advised the continuation of the relationship, as it’s advantageous to her.

This booklet and website advertisement is nevertheless created to the public for the first time solely to benefit from the most modern advancements by computers and Information Technology and to record for historical records, the background of the background, as well as the nature of the information our family’s predictions for the past one hundred years, or even more. We would also like to write down in writing the information we have received in the past, through hearing the words as well as Karma Parampara, a source of our ancestors.

Another interesting aspect related with the SukshmaNadi is that, even when the leaves are identified but the predictions weren’t made immediately.There were two instances of this in the history of the Gurgaon center within the centre itself. In one instance the fate of the future of a Mumbai local’s fate was searched for. He was suffering from paralytic attacks. His family members were instructed to return after six months. However, within six months, the person in question passed away. In another instance the individual was requested to
Perform certain remedial steps, that were suggested, and follow up on those Pariharams just to find out what his next steps.

Another prediction made by certain political leaders who were heard about how to prepare for the General Elections. Before the parliamentary elections which took place in 1998, predictions made in individual cases pointed to the general election which are likely to occur at the time Saturn moved to a specific Nakshatra that took place the months of February and April, and 1998.When there was discussion about the date elections would be held and whether they would be held in the month of March or November 1998,
Nadi predicted it in March 1998 and proved to be correct. The same prediction was made in the overall Kaandam prediction of a few individuals. This is a sign of how much the foresight of our rishis, in regard to events that would happen hundreds of years after the fact.

Incredibly , the Sukshma Nadi has forecasts for all people from various religions and communities as well as regions in India and abroad.The people who have come to the Gurgaon center include Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims and Christians from all parts of India. The Nadi originates from Tamilnadu gives customers’ names from the north and also other religious people’s name, which is not widely recognized in the south. The Pariharams offered to those who are of other faiths comprise the cures to be followed according to the rituals and also for their Hindu gods , and Navagraha planets. The same remedial suggestions for those who are Hindus include a visit for pilgrimage to Velankanni Mary Temple, a Christian Church and NagoreDargah which is which is a Muslim sacred place in Tamilnadu as well as Gurudwaras. Therefore, the concept of religious tolerance and fraternity is also promoted.

It’s interesting to consider that the Nadi predictions might be applicable to things as natural catastrophes. A client who was from Japan named Mr. Minamida Mitsuyazu (a photo of the client with a Nadi Astrologer is provided within the annexe) has consulted his Nadi at some point in 1995.There was an indication that his home and surrounding area would be affected by an earthquake. We confirmed with him after the return to his country of the exact timing of the earthquake. Although his home was damaged, he was not injured.


The predictions of Nadi. Nadi are entirely composed of Tamil Language in poetic form as well as using code words to describe Astrological and other terms. These aren’t widely accepted among educated Tamilians. They are decoded by Asans Readers who have been educated in Our Head Office, for 7-10 years, reading with palm leaves and translating it in a simple spoken language of Tamil. For those who don’t know Tamil the text is translated to Hindi as well as English.

In addition to knowing the meaning behind the poetic form, the Asans must interpret the predictions linked to various modifications that have been made.
The place of modernity. In the past, the professional and educational fields were a bit limited. However, today there are many specialist fields.So translating the ancient Tamil words to the modern world of work requires a lot of skill and expertise. This issue is present in Natal Astrological predictions too and many studies are trying to interpret them accurately, and in line with modern demands. We also try, in our own method, to give the closest possible interpretation of the ancient words, utilizing the vast experience we have gained from making predictions, our customers must also consider an accurate view of the events to be predicted. In assessing his education level as well as his social status levels, financial status, and other factors, we can determine the level the level he could aspire to reach, and so on. There could be some cases that a person of a common background could climb to a level that is not possible to imagine. The exceptional cases will be fully explained within the Nadi prediction the prediction itself. To help you understand the difficulties in the interpretation of the word, we’ve provided below a few concrete instances that we encountered in the Gurgaon center within the center itself.

Regarding education, the terms typically used are He is well-qualified in the AthiNaveena, which means the most modernized form of education, and Sukshmasubjects which are small/ intricate subjects. These are typically regarded by us to be Engineering Education especially computer related.The term Naveena can mean something different in different contexts. In the past 30 years it was Civil Engineering or Electronics Engineering.

Later it may be Chemical or Electronics. In the present, it could be a reference to computers and Information Technology.
Tomorrow, it could be satellite or space related topics. In the same way, Sukshma Subjects could mean specificization
In any subject, like Ph.D., or Doctorate particularly in Science-related subjects. You just need to look at the hint that
The customer is able to undertake a more specialized research. The predictions also include studies in research,
there could be a breach. The issue is to be resolved each by itself in light of his academic credentials and
aptitude for higher studies. For instance, in the case of an income tax commissioner, his job was described as taking revenue from the Government and viz. ThandalMargam. There are various kinds of Revenue Department like Income Tax Sales Tax , Customs and other revenues.The specific job description is only known by the person who is paying. In the same way, employees of Bank are thought to be employed in an area where money is exchanged and taken. There are many departments that deal with money such as R.B.I., Banks, Insurance Companies, Non Banking businesses, etc..

We are able to draw a conclusion, that it’s beneficial for the client to work within the Banking Business. Similar to the Business Profession, whether they are employed in trade or the manufacturing industry and the type of manufacturing they work with are said.The business field is large. One must also discern the proper vocation by analyzing the general forecast made.

In the field of politics there are predictions made about whether they will be able to establish public relations with the power and authority or not. The sources say from the fact that
The customer will be elected the house of KizhSabhapor (lower home) and Mel Sabhapor (upper house). We are aware that these houses belong to the state assemblies.
and as well as the Parliament. The best way to make this prediction is appreciated by the consumer and Parliament, taking into consideration his political standing, as well as his influence in the Central or State
At the same time, he has popular and also financial capacity. You can also nominate him to at the state level, or stand for Assembly or Central elections. In one instance the President of the National Party at State Level was able to predict from January to March 1998 that he would be able to get the Agrasana post with enormous influence, power, and honour. The word Agrasana refers to the Chief or the Supreme Head. The customer, as well as us, are aware of that Mahabharata Story of BhishmaPithamaha proposing Lord Krishna as the name of the Agrasana post that is akin to The Raja SuyaYaga. Therefore, we believed Lord Krishna could be the position of Chief Minister even we, including our valued customer knew for certain, that there was no chance of him becoming Chief Minister since his party was completely defeated in the previous elections. The next election, held in February 2000 his party was able to win only 22 seats, and our the customer was disappointed. Within one month of the elections the coalition was formed. government. and all MLAs were Ministers. Our customer was an elected speaker in the Legislative assembly. As all of us are aware of the power and influence of speakersin the time of coalition, can be used for the appointment and removal of ministers. Therefore, the word Agrasana was intended to be an MLA who was a speaker. We realized, in retrospect that we were unable to see the subtle differences between the Executive
head and head and Honorary head and Honorary. The recent case will demonstrate how flexible one must be in the interpretation of the words that were so well-known by the Rishis of old to make SukshmaNadi predictions. In this instance we have the right meaning of the dictionary as described in the authentic Madras University dictionary and the significance of the Mahabharata Story, yet the predictions could be a bit off in the way we interpret them. So, we ask our customers once more,
to get a realistic view of the predictionsby taking their power, influence and their position within the political system, as well as the state that the political party is in at time of the predictions, etc.

In a separate case of an prediction made to an High court judge, we concluded that he was going to retire in a year 63. He was surprised when he realized that retirement was two years earlier. The words in the Nadi could be 63 years old or 65 years old, viz.Aruban Eir Moon is 60 + 2 + 3, or 63. When the Honourable Justice stated that the retirement age in the Court of Justice is 65, our court resisted.
and he was gracious enough to thank us for our laminations. We weren’t aware that the retirement age for superannuation differs between 55 and 65 years old currently.

However, the sages, with their foresight, are able to predict what will happen several years after. In light of the above knowledge, we are trying our best to apply the predictions as closely as is possible to current modern day circumstances.


If you are a Jathaka or customer wishes to talk with the Nadi is required to contact the centre via telephone or in person, or via Post and have a date confirmed.One day prior to the scheduled date, he must confirm the time or location of his visit or the appointment will be canceled. At present the waiting list is growing by 3 months. So when a person cannot attend for reasons other than their own the date will be given to other customers waiting. The moment you receive the date and until the point when reading through the Nadi who is who is consulted should not be mentioned because his name will not be revealed in the prediction itself. the person can provide additional names of relatives or friends or code names which should be noted when he comes for consultation.

When the appointment time arrives at the time of the appointment, either the right hand thumb impression left or right of the individual, if male or female, is required to be provided in the center. By using that thumb impression is taken, the bundles that contain the specifics set or the thumb impression to which the impression is tracked.
In every bundle, you will find predictions that pertain to hundreds of people. Sometimes, a single palm leaf could contain predictions for multiple customers. In rare instances one leaf or set of leaves could contain only predictions that pertain to a single person. For single individual predictions, we usually provide our original palm leaf to the person who is concerned with the Jathaka. In other instances, we do not offer these leaves as they were originally intended to clients. They are destroyed when we join the leaves with the Cauvery river. Cauvery as we have already mentioned at regular intervals.

However, we will record our original Tamil predictions, as they are given in the Nadi and in a note book that we give to our customers. Then , it is transferred to any other language they would like. Over the past 2 years, there were just two single leaf predictions. One that involved an senior IAS Official in 1998 and another just in May 2000, to a top politician who was who was the All India General Secretary of the ruling party of the major. The initial palm leaves were handed to them. Similar to that to our Japanese customer who came to with us back in the year 1995 (vide 7.7) received a different leaf (see the image in the appendix of him holding the leaf in one of his palms).

The choice of the leaf that relates to a particular person is a long-winded procedure that can take between 2 and 3 hours at times and at other times, clients might be fortunate to be able to get it within a range of to five or six leaves. Each leaf that is pertaining to an individual would include information concerning the individual, such as. his or her wife’s name, his parents ‘ names as well as the number of siblings and brothers as well as the order of birth within the family, if they are sons from the previous or the next wife, the case that his father has been married twice and many other specific facts. They are referred to as Sakshis or witnesses.The person who is requesting the information should either verify or deny the information as they are examined from the leaves. But he must not reveal the truth in advance.If the information contained in a specific document don’t agree with each other then the next leaf is chosen and the process continues until the correct leaf , with the exact predictions is in line with the family’s details.

In many instances, individuals don’t receive their leaflet. It is a sign that the time to determine the future of them hasn’t arrived. Every now and then we release fresh bundles to the Head Office, therefore those who were not able to get their Nadi in the past could get it later. We do not charge any charges for instances where the customer fails to locate his/her leaf, no matter how long we devote to locating. After the leaves are found they are recorded with the initial Tamil prediction exactly in the form it appears within the Notation Book. As we have already mentioned the predictions are written in poetic Tamil and contain code words for Astrological terms.These are decoded and read by expertly trainedAsans who then provide their predictions to the audience in spoken Tamil. The predictions are transformed to Hindi as well as English and then recorded on Tapes and distributed to clients along with the Notebook that contains the original prediction.


As we have already mentioned previously, it is clear that the SukshmaNadi prediction is available to all twelve Bhavas, or houses. The first chapter, which contains all the information about Kaandam It is mandatory to refer to in order to be regarded as an index and provides extensive and precise predictions starting from the point that the leaf of the customer is tracked until the end in his lifetime. The general Kanda does not identify the exact leaf that is related to the client as described in the chapter VI. The planets’ positions for the 9 planets are described in detail, and then the specifics of the horoscope are derived and written down in the Notebook in which initial predictions will be written. The horoscope matches exactly the natal horoscope that is available to the client. The horoscope appearing within the Nadi does not show the Lagna location and equilibrium of Dasa as well as Bhukthi timeframe available.In rare cases , the lagna can also be indicated. For more details, look up DasaBhukthi chapter. The current Gochara positions of planets is examined and whether there are any significant doshams or if the crime committed during the previous birth are grave, a preference for Shanthi as well as Deeksha, Kaandam are suggested. The results will be revealed in the following chapter. Then, the predictions are made starting from the moment the leaf is traced back to the point of death which covers the entire twelve bhava influences i.e. education, profession, marriage health, children gain and loss in employment and service, death, etc.

The predictions are broken down into several periods of his old age (in Natal Astrology it is DasaBhukthi wise) generally, up to three years in an interval. The events that are expected to occur. be studied in detail.


 (chapter 13 and (chapter 13 and) (chapter 13 and 14). Nadi Astrology, due importance is placed on the practice of Pariharas or measures for remediation to cleanse our Doshas (chapter 13 and 14) or sins.The Pariharas are generally suggested in the following three types of cases.

(i) to pay for our sins that we have committed in our previous lives. Based on the Karma theory of the Hindus that the good or bad actions performed by us during our past life are continued in the present time as a result of which we can experience either a good or bad consequences in our current birth. If the wrongs done by us are serious and we are guilty of them, we must sincerely be sorry for them and make certain Pariharas. In the absence of doing this, we’ll suffer a great deal of hardship.It can be said that we is not able to escape the negative results and is forced to endure the consequences of our poor acts in our past or in our present life. However, by performing the Pariharas to gain an easing from troubles and protect our bodies from the scorching sun and the torrential rain by using an umbrella. The Pariharams are similar to umbrellas. They do not stop sufferings but it does reduce the severity and intensity of sufferings as well as issues. The Nadi is adamant and confident in usthat the practice of the suggested Pariharas certainly protects us from the repercussions of previous sins or the short-term negative results caused by Gochara’s consequences of planet movements during the current life.It is a matter of fate against. free will. Our ancestors believed in the possibility that one could overcome fate with free will or Buddhi through dedication to god by cultivating virtues.
taking off and doing evil and doing good and bad doing good and bad. The Sage Markandeya was meant to die and passed away at 18. But due to his intense dedication toward God Shiva and the purity of his thoughts , he was spared from death because of the blessing given by Lord Shiva to ensure that he will never be older than 18 years old age and thus there is no doubt that he will die.
The Pariharams serve as foundations to develop our minds towards dedication to God in order to generate compassion, love and being good for oneself and others. The SukshmaNadi recommends these Pariharams such as visits for Holy shrines to God and NavagrahaNayakas offering Puja and Abhishekam to provide clothing and food to the needy and handicapped individuals, give food to birds such as Crows, and even plant certain varieties of shade-giving trees
streets and public spaces for pedestrians to enjoy shade, shielding them from the scorching sun, etc. If a person truly regrets his actions either in his past life or in the present life, and promises, by taking these Pariharams to not commit similar sins in the current life and attempts to live a life of God in all things
and living a healthy life of virtue and selfless serviceand giving aid fellow humans, we can be certain that he will become the most beloved and most happy person. Nobody should ever think of harming others. We want to remind our customers to be aware of the true meaning behind the Pariharams that we have explained earlier in the context of taking part in these suggested Pariharas. They shouldn’t perform them in a methodical or ritualistic manner, and continue to live making the same errors due to the same issues they’re suffering from.

(ii) (iii) The second cause of our suffering, as discovered by the SukshmaNadi is due to Gochara effects or periodic transits of planets such as the 7 and a half year Saturn period, and other planets which transit bad houses, etc.
The Pariharams proposed in these are identical to those that were suggested for the initial reason as described in the previous paragraph.

(iii) (iii) The third reason of our sufferings, as suggested as the SukshmaNadi is due to people who are jealous and enemies, bad eyes, envy, or the conspiracy of others.
sunyam, pilli, etc. To shield oneself from the deliberative actions of those who are jealous of us and others, the Nadi recommends performing specific ManthraJapas in a particular time frame.

period (one Mandalam, two Mandalam etc. Mandalam refers to that it is 48-days) on the plate of copper that is dedicated to Vedic Gods such as Shiva, Vishnu, Karthikeya Lakshmi, Durga, etc. Wearing these Talismans that are chanting to Gods within the body or during Pujas in the home. The Nadi will explain the way in which ManthraJapa is to be performed to which god and also what you can do with the ManthraJapachanted copper plates. It is crucial to know in this context that the SukshmaNadi never recommends, or suggests any kind of retaliatory action against ManthraJapas or the well-known Vedic Gods and performing or wearing Pujas to the Manthra-chanted copper plates , or Talisman solely to shield yourself from the negative consequences of evil doers.These Pariharas can only be done by those who are instructed to perform it as part of generally chapter-specific predictions. Others are not required to do any remedy.Some people are required to perform remedial measures according to the procedure recommended within ShanthiKandam Chapter 13, whereas others are requested to reference to both Shanthi as well as DeekshaKandam Chapters 13 and 14 in accordance with the extent or severity Doshas or the flaws. Additionally, the Shanthi Kanda Pariharams must be performed by the client himself. Deeksha Kanda Pariharams may be also performed by the customer using the Vedic Pundits who are well-versed in this type of Manthra Pujas. In such instances we will perform the Manthra Pujas in our Vaithiswarankoil Head Office, upon payment of the actual cost.


These predictions can be obtained at the discretion of the buyer upon payment of the fees prescribed to get more specific information regarding the predictions
In Chapter I, for instance, to get more information about education, Chapter II could be used, for example to for marriage particulars of husband/wife i.e. where they are from as well as their residence as well as their name, some information about horoscopes, the time of marriage, etc. Chapter VII could be referenced. Chapter X contains details about the profession, such as promotions, business opportunities and the nature of business that is profitable, etc. In addition, other chapters go over in greater detail about the topics mentioned in them. As we had mentioned earlier that the general information on the the first chapter are exhaustive and obligatory, and reading other Kaandams can help them The following two common instances that are reported in the Gurgaon Center are described.

In one instance the client who sought consultation was a shipping engineer with an engineering degree, extensive knowledge and experience, working in an international shipping business. The prediction given to him was that, in conjunction along with the sons of his, he’d be involved in the Shipping business.He is the father of two children. One son is who is a Shipping Engineer working in a different field , and the other was enrolled at Calcutta in the Ship engineering Course.The father made the decision to look up his son’s Nadi and found out the possibility that business in oils that is related to shipping would be beneficial for him. Like the shipping for oil tankers. his second son’s Nadi was also sought out and a breakthrough was made . The son’s Nadi predicted, that he would eventually be in the big shipping industry major and be in the shipping industry along alongside his dad along with his brother.It could also be predicted that he would be married to the daughter of a wealthy person and then move to a different country to further his study (in London) even though his studies were within Calcutta at the time of the predictions. In this way, by referring back to the general Kaandam of the three, they can identify the personwho would be the main figure of the father’s Nadi. To our doubt, the father clarified that will be their educational qualification,experience and contacts, capitol is not a big problem.

In a different case one of the customers, who was in an the position of executive in a reputed company, was having issues with his marriage and was living separately.The general Kaandam revealed the issue and also the root cause. The reason resulted from sins that had been committed in the past. Chapters of XII andXIV were reviewed and Pariharams was identified. The mention of Chapter VII Marriage also advised Pariharams to expect peace and joy together with wife. There were many reasons that he later explained the client felt reconciliation would not be beneficial or bring joy. He demanded the 11th Kanda and remarriage , which was considered to be due to the sins he committed prior to his birth.
The relationship between his wife and him is likely to break down and he’ll marry again and be content with his new wife. She will be very supportive of him. The prediction from the 11th Kanda just, effectively answered his doubts. Also, he received favorable predictions in relation to his efforts to be an international prestigious Post within a year. He is now attending an interview with the same.