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Nadi astrology  in vaitheeswaran koil 

Nadi Astrology is a form of historical of prediction and consultation that has been used for more than three thousand years. Agathiyar Nadi Astrology are categorized as the first pioneers and principal Nadi Astrology practiced in Vaitheeswarn Kovil. Nadi helps you understand your present, past and future, with the assistance in the form of Olaichuvadi. It’s a Vedic science, commonly referred to as Nadi Jyotish and is found in India. Nadi is considered to be the oldest science of predictions using thumb-impressions and translating palm-leaf tricks into clear predictions. The greatest sage over the founder in Astrology The Sri Agathiyar  Agastya is a predicted forecaster and secured them by forming them into palm leaves, also known as Olaichuvadi.

Agathiyar Nadi  in Vaitheeswaran Koil 

Agathiyar Nadi is one of the renowned Nadi Astrology Heart located in Vaitheeswaran Koil with on-line Nadi Astrology all over the world. Nadi Astrology is now one of one of the oldest types of predictions found in south India. Agathiyar Nadi is part of the Fourth era astrology service and also on the list of the oldest Nadi Astrology in vaitheeswaran koil (Nadi Astrology within Vaitheeshwaran Temple). We’ve been offering the services of astrology for generations in diverse regions of the globe, which includes Canada, Australia, United States, Mauritius, Srilanka, Burma, along with the continents of the east that are extremely. Five important continents across the globe for more than 4 Generations. We are the most renowned Nadi Astrologer or Nadi Astrologer of vaitheeswaran Kovil.

Nadi astrology, to explain it within a nut shell, is the background/predictions of any particular person, penned in palm leaves, by a seer, supposed to be many generations in the past. The information was kept through the creation of paperwork using palm leaves in green, then cutting them into equal sizes, using the steel pen ( like stencil pen, or one with metallic tips ). The papers could be saved for several years. Today, there is palm leaf documents available which are of archaeological interest. The story/predictions are found for the current birth prior to delivery, and for the following beginning too ! There are payment options for the documents, and the buyer is captivated. It is the identity of the individual who is searching for the information is determined by recording his or her best hand thumb impression and, primarily, based on that impression, the data is positioned.

My friend and I came to the small village near the city of Tiruchirappalli in South India, in which I resided. I was employed in an appointment at the Civil Aviation Office being an Air Visitors Controller. There were no ads or signboards to direct us to his house although we did locate his house with no concerns. There was a reputation-building board located outside his home.

Nadi Jothidam in vaitheeswaran koil

The Astrologer was a middle age man, and he led us up to his first level of residence which was a reading room. We waited , which perhaps for two hours, and he was swiftly moving along with other customers. We were able to meet him after. Nadi Jothidam recorded an impression on my thumb of Buddy. To not be left behind of, I offered my thumb impression as well as I am genuinely curious about the mysterious situations. The astrologer suggested that we come back the next day at a specific time and after having collected the small amount of money as an oblique payment.

We returned to our home. I was unable to sleep for the entire night wondering how could it be possible to recording the most important elements of a particular 1000 years ago, or perhaps more and by a psychic looking forward to my visit to the Astrologer ? This should be an untruth and I concluded that it’s going to be disappointing for me Buddy and me, who are waiting for usthe next day.

In a state of mixed amazement and doubt, I joined my Buddy to the home of the astrologer the next day. The astrologer greeted us and invited us to sit in his room for sessions. He then brought us a stack of palm leaves to use during our session. He would look through each leaf and the name of the person , and in addition, his parents and dad, as well as his close relatives ( Sisters and brothers) could be noted in the beginning. If the names were incorrect, he’d find another. He began with me at first. A few of the leaves that I read to him were not true. Then, look ! He picked my report. I was awestruck by his description of my identity as well as the names of my mom and dad as well as my siblings and brothers ! All were being right ! I was unable to believe this. He continued to search following my confirmation as to the accuracy of the leaf with reference to the other collection of my personal life, starting from my birth, revealing some of the major points about the location of the stars below that I was brought up, ( Zodiac facts ) and also a Horoscope. All of the records were in verse form and he had to clarify them for me. The documents also spoke about my age when I was alleged to consult this astrologer as well as about my current family facts as well as my marital situation as well as my work. I was somewhat shocked when the documents mentioned that my profession was linked to ‘pushpaka vimanas in the air’! In Hindu epics that date back to a few thousand years ago, claims about the air transport mode that were often referred to by the name of ‘ Pushpaka Vimana”, ended in being in the records. I was unable to believe it any other way ! He kept all of the records and long-run predictions in the note reserve and handed the reserve to me. Then he was able to read the data to my Close friend too. My Pal was ecstatic even though I was extremely skeptical about the methodology of this bizarre astrology that was compiled by this psychic. What was the purpose of his life ? Was it to record data of astrology to a large number of people, who would then be stopped in the direction of this astrologer, a thousands of people a while later ? Could this be considered to be a fraud? I couldn’t find any viable solutions. To be honest, until the today, I’m not sure. It is not feasible for him to “mind wander and provide these details considering that I’ve not been aware of my horoscope even though there had been papers within my home. The man could not have hired a private detective to discover the tiny print, and it seemed a bit foolish for the tiniest amount I was charged for costs, it wasn’t an effective method to do this, nor was it feasible in the short amount of time. The truth is that I needed to acknowledge that the tiny print provided in the palm additional information  leaves was 100% exact ! I also checked the accuracy of my horoscope in your home , and they all matched !

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